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US Gov’t Says You DON'T Have To Use This Lock (CompX Mailbox Lock)

LockPickingLawyer is posting false information about mailbox locks. I will tell you all the false information he is saying.

I did find another manufactor that makes this type of lock. So there are three manufactors that make this type of lock NOT just CompX! What LockPickingLawyer said is: This is the LockPickingLawyer and one of the main goals of this channel is to help consumers make better security decisions... What LockPickingLawyer is really saying is: This is the LockPickingLawyer and one of the main goals of this channel is to expose locksmith secrets and to make money by doing so... I knew after I posted this video, correcting LockPickingLawyer, that some fans of LockPickingLawyer would not like it. I don't care! LockPickingLawyer is exposing secrets that a locksmith does not want other people to know. Before the internet some people knew about picking locks and bypassing them. Now with the internet and YouTube a lot of people are posting these types of videos. The popular YouTuber, LockPickingLawyer, would claims to have been a lawyer without burden of proof, has the most subscribers and hits then other YouTubers posting the same videos. As a lawyer you would think he should know the law, right? There are a lot of people that don't like what he is doing and in one of his videos he said that he is getting death threats. Mmm, I wonder why? If LockPickingLawyer was a smart guy he would post his vides in private and past the link onto the manufacture about the problem with their lock but LockPickingLawyer is ONLY in this for the money! LockPickingLawyer started his YouTube channel back in 2015 and saw that after five years he could make a living doing YouTube videos so he quit his job in 2021 as a lawyer and is doing YouTube videos full time. He is posting videos that some other people have posted before. The video about the mailbox lock was done by BosnianBill on Feb 15, 2019 with 67,930 views, and on Aug 21, 2020 with 37,365 views. If you look at his earlier videos you will see that these did not get that many hits.

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