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You Are Paying Double For Roadside Assistance On Your New Car

Did you know that when you buy a new car you are paying double for roadside assistance to the same company, Agero (aka Cross Country)? That's right! When you buy a new car the dealer adds something like a few $1,000's to your bill (contract) for roadside assistance for about 5 years or so, and if you take out a loan for the car the loan company requires you to have full auto insurance coverage on your car. Remember that you are also getting roadside assistance from your auto insurance company. What people don't know is that their roadside assistance from the dealer and from your auto insurance company is the same company, Agero. Agero is one of the biggest roadside assistance companies in the USA. I worked with many roadside assistance companies for a few years when I first started my locksmith business in 2005.
For example: let's say your dealer adds $2,000 for 5 years of roadside assistance on your car loan. Now remember you think this is free roadside assistance because you have not looked carefully at your bill (contract). NOTHING IS FREE! Now divide $2,000 / 5 = $400.00 per year for your roadside assistance. Agero pays service providers $30.00 for the first 10 miles, after that $1.50 is added per mile to the $30.00. Most of the time its $30.00 because Agero is trying to save money. If the car owner never uses the roadside assistance from their dealer contract then Agero gets $2,000 free and clear. Its kind of a scam don't you think! Most people who have full auto insurance coverage calls their auto insurance company for roadside assistance not the roadside assistance phone number on their car. It's interesting that after many years I did not know that I was paying double for roadside assistance after buying my new car in 2005. I ONLY learned about this back in 2006 when I worked for Agero and asked customers who was their auto insurance company. One of the auto insurance company was State Farm who was my auto insurance company. I guess Agero got my money without me using them. I could of saved a few $1,000 if I looked at my dealer contract before signing it.
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