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Fake Review Posted on Yelp

Natalya K., San Francisco, CA
Posted on: 9/20/2020

I am very upset with Mark Locksmith business. He ripped me off, just to change a cylinder of my lock. When we talked on the phone he told me it will cost me 160 dollars, including service, because he was going to give me a discount. But when he came and did the job he charged me more, $175. I gave him $180, and he did not even gave me $5.00 change and almost ran away from my house.

My Response on Dec 25, 2020 after I just saw this post:
12/25/2020 You are NOT a customer of mine! I don't give discounts and don't do business with people who ask me for discounts! I charge $50 to $70 for trip fees, and $10 per lock for homes. You must be one of my locksmith competitors or you are posting your review for the wrong locksmith. I don't charge $160 or even $180 to rekey one lock! Are you crazy! Who would be dumb enough to pay $160 for a locksmith to rekey one house lock? Why are you posting false reviews about a locksmith you never used. I see you are in San Francisco, CA. I never went to San Francisco, CA. I am here in Portland, Oregon.

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