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Crime at Costco in Tigard, Oregon

On 8/23/2019 about 11 am, a new customer of mind had her purse taken from her SUV while she was inside the car at the Costco in Tigard, Oregon. She is in the retirement age.

She told me that after she put her groceries in her SUV. She took her purse and walked her shopping cart to put it away. All this time leaving her SUV unlocked. She went back to her SUV and got into the driver side and put her purse on the passenger side. All the doors were still unlocked but closed. She started the SUV and put it in that time a guy (a black man, average build, about 5' 9" tall) opened the passenger side door and took her purse and run to a waiting, running, white car. Then in stock, she puts the SUV in park and took out her keys. By this time the guy is gone. People around saw what happened and told her that he got into a white car. She used a bystander's phone to call the police and waited for the police to come. The police said that the guy probably went to Fred Meyer (on 99 & 72nd) to get gift cards and he did because she called her credit card company and they said he tried to get gift cards at this Fred Meyer with her credit cards but was not successful because she has security on their credit cards.

I was told that this happened on 8/22/2019 at the same Costco.

So ladies, be on the lookout next time you go to Costco in Tigard. If you see a guy in a white car backed into a space with the car running. Look out for a black man close by.

Her husband called me to rekey the locks for their home and she told me everything that happened.
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