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How Important is Your Safety?

Have you just recently purchased a home? moved into another rental? Do you know who has a copy of your keys? contractors, maintenance people, realtors? Do you own a business and have  recently lost employees? a manager? have you lost a set of your keys? have you recently gone through a divorce or separation? broken up with a boyfriend or girl friend? does someone you know have a copy of your keys and you don't want them to get into your home? If so, then you need to re-key your home.

For one simple reason - your safety is important! Your family, those things you value in your life, that make your home a "home" - are important! You need to protect those things from harm. If someone has a key to your house (or business), did you know that it would not be considered 'breaking and entering' if they come in when you are not there? Did you know that the term 'breaking and entering' under the law, does not include the use of a copy of your key - even if YOU did not authorize its duplication? How do law officers know if you have not given permission for that person to enter your home? They simple answer is they don't.

So protect yourself - your family, your possession by doing a simple thing. Re-key!

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