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Mark's Locksmith

Sunrise: 07:00 AM - Sunset: 05:48 PM

Sabre padlock try 111B
S.A.F.E. padlock 1092, 1145, 1001EH
Safe   SF10, 1049D, 1049E
Safe-T-Check   X1054K
Sager   1047, 1047CR, C999
Samsonite   See Blue Dog luggage brochure
Sanyo cash register 1069FL
Schroeder Thompson   O1122, ES8M, L1054B, 759ST
Scorpion boat O1122, O1122A, 1040A, 1096EN
Seabrine boat CH4
Sears freezer 1069N
Security safe locks SY9, SC1098X, O1122B, SC1176
Security mail box 1559
Selby   O1122A
Sentry safe door 6K11, 1573A (shorten blade to .575)
Shasta RV O1122, 1000V
Shaw Walker   1568, 1534
Shibaura tractor 1570
Shur-Lock CB radio 1000
Sidewinder boat 1098M
Signare   O1122
Simplex Ilco Unican 1000 1054UN
Ski racks Sears 1041H
Ski Doo   1098M, O1122, O1122A, 1098DB
Skillman   R1001EN
Slaymaker   See Ilco #60
Snap-On tool boxes 1527, 1527R, 1041TR
Snowmobiles see brand names or: 1041A, 1092V , 1092N, 1120D, O1122, X54
Solon   S42
Southco precut for RVs BDK1, also see Blue Dog #75½
Southern desk R1064E
Spair Hong Kong 1016
Spartan   1098M, 999, 1145, 997E
Spartan  cash box 1092B
Spice   1043B
Sport 20-SV Sears LF12 Silca
Square D electric switch O1122R
Squire padlocks MDK, Viro, Master
SS brass padlock 1092N
Stahl toolbox OKB120, shorten 1573A?, 1623
Stanley night latch 1069N, O1122
Stant gas cap 1098GX
Starcraft RV O1122A, O1122C, 1041G
Steelcase 'S100' Office furniture S1041JA
Steering wheel lock Japan K1122D
Storm King   O1122A
Strattec utility lock, toolboxes 322861, OKB70
Super Lock Products   1011
Superior Safes BD551
Superior Performance wheel lock CH4
Switches light switches 1425, TS149, TS150, OKB71, OKB7,
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