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Close That Door!
Door closers must be an integral part of the overall health and safety considerations of your business.
Door closers on entrance doors prevent injuries to clients and employees alike by controlling the closing of the door on even the windiest of days.  
Closers on kitchen or service doors help control the intrusion of insects, vermin, and even would-be crooks. Door closers on restroom doors provide privacy and prevent the migration of odors and germs to other areas of the premises.
 Additionally, door closers can even be considered an essential part of your overall energy conservation program since they do automatically firmly close doors and help prevent cooling or heating losses because doors stay open for protracted periods of time.

BUT! Door closers are mechanical devices, they need periodic servicing, adjustment, and even replacement. Since Life Safety Codes, National Building Codes, and the Americans With Disabilities Act all mandate specific door closer performance, you need to be in top form.
Tips for Picking a Locksmith

What’s the best way to pick a reputable locksmith? Consider researching locksmiths before you need one, the same way you would a plumber, electrician, or other professional. That works well if you’re looking to have some security work done at your home, like installing deadbolts on the exterior doors of your house, or a safe in your bedroom.

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