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HB 3127 was passed by the Legislature in 2009. It required the Construction Contractors Board (CCB) to set up a locksmith certification program by January 2010 and makes working as a locksmith without a proper Oregon certification illegal, effective July 1, 2010.

Important Dates:
March 1, 2010: Individuals may apply to CCB to become certified locksmiths.
July 1, 2010: Individuals offering to work or working as locksmiths must be certified by CCB.
July 1, 2010: Businesses offering to provide or providing locksmith services must:

  • Hold a CCB contractor’s license (residential, commercial or both endorsements); and
  • Have an owner or employee who is a certified locksmith.

More info on their web site: https://www.oregon.gov/CCB/licensing/Pages/locksmith.aspx

Check for CCB License info: https://www.ccb.state.or.us/search/

See my (Mark's Locksmith) Oregon Locksmith Certification online (click here).

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Also, if a person comes out to your Home, Business, or Car to just Unlock it. They NEED to have a CCB License.

Below are exempt from having a CCB license: 

  • - Key duplication services at a fixed location
  • - Class A or B limited energy technicians working within the scope of their licenses
  • - Tow truck operators working for certified tow truck businesses
  • - Construction contractors if not advertising locksmith services
  • - Manufacturer of manufactured structures
  • - Property owner or owner’s employee working on owner’s property
  • - Property management company working on managed property
  • - Real estate property manager or employee working on managed rentals
  • - Landlord or landlord’s agent
  • - Manufacturer of locks
  • - Representative of lock manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer

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