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Here is a list of PHONY LOCKSMITHS from 2005 to 2009

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Complaints of shady locksmiths on the rise – KOMO-TV, Channel 4, Seattle, WA (03/05/2009)

Special Assignment: Locksmith Questions – WMTV-TV, Channel 15, Madison, WI (03/05/2009)

Unlicensed Locksmiths Preying On Mid-South Customers – WREG-TV, Channel 3, Memphis, TN (03/05/2009)

Locksmith Works To Fix Business Listing Problems - WNCN-TV, Channel 17, Raleigh, NC (02/26/2009)

Locksmith Fights To Keep Its Online Info Correct - WNCN-TV, Channel 17, Raleigh, NC (02/24/2009)

Costly lesson: Elderly woman victim of locksmith scam - Chicago Sun Times (02/23/2009)

CBS 46 Gets Results: Locksmith Scam – WGCL-TV, Channel 46, Atlanta, GA (02/15/2009)

Need a locksmith? That ‘local’ company may pick your pocket, not the lock – The Swampscott Reporter, Marblehead, MA (02/14/2007)

Consumer Alert: Locksmith Fraud - CNBC On the Money (01/26/2009)

New York Business Steals Omaha Address – WOWT-TV, Channel 6, Omaha, NE (01/11/2009)

Stranded Driver Finds Local Help Not A Lock - WOWT-TV, Channel 6, Omaha, NE (12/23/2008)

Be Aware: Help Lock out Unscrupulous Locksmiths – Alameda Sun Newspaper, Alameda, CA (12/04/2008)

Preventing cyber crooks from cracking customer base – Time Warner Cable, Channel 8, Austin, TX (12/02/2008)

Locksmith Ad Fools Consumers, Angers Businesses – KTBC, Channel 7, Austin, TX (12/02/2008)

Scammers Target Locksmith Customers - News Channel 8, Austin, TX (11/21/2008)

Locksmith Warning - WWOR-TV, Channel 9, Newark, NJ (11/03/08)

Dealing With Locksmiths - WWOR-TV, Channel 9 News Extra, Newark, NJ (11/03/08)

Don't Be Scammed by Phony Locksmiths - WRC-TV, Channel 4, Washington, DC (10/31/2008)

“I fell for the locksmith scam” – The Consumerist, www.consumerist.com (10/30/2008)

Cracking down on unlicensed locksmiths - KGO-TV, Channel 7, San Francisco, CA (10/03/2008)

BBB Watch List (See #6) - BBB Central Indiana Hot Topics, Indianapolis, IN (10/01/2008)

Locksmiths using phony local addresses to get more business - KNXV-TV, Channel 15, Phoenix, AZ (09/19/2008)

Breaking Into Your Own House – Wall Street Journal (07/31/2008)

Beware of Locksmith Scams - DNJ.com, Rutherford County, TN (07/24/2008)

Sluggish Economy Welcoming To More Scams - WSMV-TV, Channel 4, Nashville, TN (07/23/2008)

Experts Warn of Locksmith Scam - WTVF-TV Channel 5, Nashville, TN (07/23/2008)

Tips for hiring a professional for your home - KING-TV, Channel 5, Seattle, WA (07/08/2008)

FTC Urges Consumers to Use Caution When Seeking a Locksmith - WRDW Channel 12, Augusta, GA (05/30/2008)

Bogus Locksmith Company Unlocks Oklahoma Pocketbooks - KWTV-TV Channel 9, Oklahoma City, OK (05/13/2008)

I-Team: Locked Out, Bad Deal - WAGA-TV Channel 5, Atlanta, GA (05/13/2008)

Locksmith Company Investigated – WCHM-TV Channel 4, Columbus, OH (04/23/2008)

Scam Alert: Price-Gouging Locksmiths Rip Off Customers - AARP Bulletin (04/18/2008)

Lock, Stock and Swindle?? – WMAR-TV, Channel 2, Baltimore, MD (03/10/2008)

Locked Out And Ripped Off? – WDTV-TV, Channel 5, Bridgeport/Clarksberg, WV (02/18/2008)

Locksmiths Overcharge For Services – KPHO-TV, Channel 5, Phoenix, AZ


Undercover Locksmith Investigation – WCPO-TV, Channel 9, Cincinnati, OH (02/06/2008)

The Great Locksmith Swindle – National Public Radio (01/31/2008)

Locksmith Scams on the Rise – KYW-TV, Channel 3, Philadelphia, PA (01/17/2008)

Locksmiths Agree to Alter Practices – Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT (01/04/2008)

Locksmith firms agree to correct addresses - The Connecticut Post , Hartford, CT (01/03/2008)

Nationwide Locksmith Swindle Says Better Business Bureau – ABC Good Morning America (January 1, 2008)

New Bill Cracks Down on Illegal Locksmiths – KGO-TV, Channel 7, San Francisco, CA (December 31, 2007)

Locksmith Scams Sweeping Hempstead and Rest of Nation – Nassau News, Nassau County, NY (December 17, 2007)

Possible Locksmith Scams – KXRM-TV, Channel 21, Colorado Springs, CO (11/28/2007)

Department of Consumer Protection Files Complaints Against Two Locksmith Companies Operating in Connecticut - Connecticut Department of Consumer Affairs (11/27/2007 )

Area Locksmith Faces Hearing – New Haven Register, New Haven, CT (11/27/2007)

Department of Consumer Protection Files Complaints Against Two Locksmith Companies Operating in Connecticut – Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (11/27/2007)

Beware of trunk slammers – Baltimore Examiner, Baltimore, MD (11/23/2007)

CONSUMER ALERT: San Diego Hit by Locksmith Scam – PRN Newswire, San Diego, CA (11/21/2007)

Locksmith scam artists keying in on local residents – KING-TV, Channel 5, Seattle, WA (11/21/2007)

Locksmith complaints skyrocket – WKMG-TV Channel 6, Orlando, FL (11/21/2007)

News 5 investigates locksmith price gouging – WPHO-TV, Channel 5, Phoenix, AZ (11/19/2007)

BBB warns that locksmith scammers are on the prowl – Hattisburg American, Hattiesburg, MS (11/16/2007)

Nationwide Locksmith Scheme Comes to Vegas – KLAS-TV, Channel 8, Las Vegas, NV (11/15/2007)

New key leads to more trouble, higher price for customer – Cincinnati.com (11/07/2007)

Consumer Investigation into Illegal Locksmiths – WCNC-TV, Channel 6, Charlotte, NC (11/07/2007)

Beware of Copycat Locksmiths – WTVJ, Channel 6, Miami, FL (11/06/2007)

Reporter Jeff Burnside's tells about his investigation on Copycat Locksmiths

Beware of Locksmith swindles – WJTV, Channel 12, Jackson, MS (10/29/2007)

Man sentenced for fraudulent locksmith scheme - KGO-TV, Channel 7, San Francisco, CA (09/26/2007)

2 On Your Side: Bogus locksmiths - KATU-TV, Channel 2, Portland, OR (09/11/2007)

Some Locksmiths Cost Customers More Than They Bargained For - KABC-TV Channel 7, Los Angeles, CA (09/20/2007)

2 On Your Side: More bogus locksmiths- KATU-TV, Channel 2, Portland, OR (09/19/2007)

Locksmith scam may have hit Tucson - Arizona Daily Star Online (09/03/2007)

Picking a locksmith at random could cost you – KOMO-TV, Channel 4, Seattle, WA (09/02/2007)

Unlicensed Locksmith Enters No Contest Plea - KGO-TV, Channel 7, San Francisco, CA (08/30/2007)

Some Bay Area People Fall For Locksmith Scam: Scam in New York Could Be Connected – KGO-TV San Francisco, Channel 7 (08/22/2007)

Locks myth: Not all locksmiths are on the up and up. Before you pick a person to help you in a pinch, read this – Pioneer Press, Minneapolis, MN (08/20/2007)

The key to picking a locksmith: Deceitful companies abound and a professional license doesn't mean much. But there are ways to protect yourself – Los Angeles Times (08/05/2007)

“I feel like they ripped me off” – KOMO-TV, Channel 4, Seattle, WA (07/24/2007)

Locksmith Imposters – WPTV-TV, Channel 4, Palm Beach, FL (07/19/2007)

Locksmith scam makes a bad day even worse – KOMO-TV, Channel 4, Seattle, WA (07/19/2007)

The Locksmith 'Mafia': Making an Estimate You Can't Refuse – ABC News National (07/18/2007)

Out-Of-State Locksmiths Picking Local Customers' Pockets – WTAE-TV, Channel 4, Pittsburgh, PA (07/17/2007)

Locksmiths Pick Your Wallet – Sun Sentinel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (07/13/2007)

Locked out? Don't fall for this locksmith scam – MSNBC (07/13/2007)

Skepticism The Key To Avoiding Locksmith Scam – Consumer Affairs (07/12/2007)

Door Jam: Most people don’t have a locksmith on speed dial (KSHB-TV Kansas City, Channel 41 – 07/02/2007)

Investigators Open Up Alleged Locksmith Scam – WCAU-TV, Philadelphia, PA (06/11/2007)

CBS 5 Investigates Locksmith Scam – KPHO-TV, Channel 5, Phoenix, AZ (06/10/2007)

CBS 46 Investigates: Phony Locksmiths Fined (WGCL-TV Channel 46, Atlanta, GA - 05/31/2007)

Better Business Bureau Revokes Six Memberships Including Liberty Locksmith (KOTV Channel 6, Tulsa, OK - 5/29/07)

Locksmith Investigation (KOKI-TV Channel 23, Tulsa, OK - 05/26/2007)

Putting The Lid On Law-Breaking Locksmiths (Realty Times Online -05/25/2007)

Lawmakers Taking Action On Unlicensed Locksmiths (KGO-TV San Francisco, Channel 7 - 05/23/07)

Investigators: Door Jam (KSHB-TV Channel 41, Kansas City, MO - May 3,2007)

Tips for Choosing a Locksmith (KDVR-TV Fox Channel 31, Denver, CO - 4/30/2007)

Lousy Locksmiths (WSVN-TV Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Channel 7 - 03/20/2007)

Unlicensed Locksmiths Run Rampant In S.F. - The Back Story (KGO-TV San Francisco, CA Channel 7 - 02/28/2007)

Don’t Get Ripped Off by Locksmiths (KGO-TV San Francisco, CA Channel 7 – 02/24/2007)

Locked Out And Marked Up (WCCO-TV Minneapolis, MN Channel 4 - 02/19/2007)

Scam Artists Pose As Locksmiths (KTVT-TV Channel 11 Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX 01/25/07)

I-Team: Deceptive Locksmiths (Today's TMJ Channel 4 Milwaukee, WI 01/22/07)

Locksmith overcharged her, woman alleges (Boston Townonline 12/28/06)

N.Y. locksmith firm fined -- city says scams continue (Chicago Sun Times 11/19/06)

Lock Crock - Hank Phillippi Ryan Investigates (WHDH-TV Boston 11/06/06)

Mistrial in locksmith fraud case after 'attack' on judge (Chicago Sun Times - 10/31/06)

Blagojevich Administration Suspends License of Dependable Locks for False License Information (Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation - 9/25/06)

Sting Nabs Unlicensed Locksmiths Working in the Bay Area (California Department of Consumer Affairs 09/07/06)

Suspended Locksmith at Work? (Chicago Sun-Times 09/04/06)

State suspends locksmith's license (Chicago Sun-Times 09/01/06)

Price Line Locksmith License Suspended (Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation 08/31/06)

Valley woman locks horns with locksmith company (KVTV Channel 3 - Phoenix, AZ 08/21/06)

Locksmith Consumer Alert (KGO TV Channel 7 - San Francisco - 08/12/06)

BBB Warns Consumers of Nationwide Locksmith Swindle - July 10, 2007

Locksmith Pleads Guilty of Fraud (Chicago Sun-Times 04/05/06)

City sues N.Y. locksmith accused of price-gouging (Chicago Sun-Times 03/16/06)

Locksmith Again Found Liable for Fraudulent Practices (Chicago Department of Consumer Services 02/28/06)

Scum Alert (Cleveland Scene Letters to the Editor 01/18/06)

Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves (Cleveland Scene 01/11/06)

Scammer Locksmith Alert (KPNX Channel 12 - Phoenix, AZ)

City threatens to throw away key on locksmith (Chicago Sun-Times 08/27/05)

Out-of-state locksmiths picking on locals (Chicago Sun-Times 08/01/05)

Chicago Department of Consumer Services Offers Tips for Hiring a Locksmith – 09/09/05)

Locksmith Found Liable for Fraudulent Practices (Chicago Department of Consumer Services 02/28/06)

Consumer Alert: Unlicensed Locksmiths Strike in San Francisco (California Department of Consumer Affairs 08/12/05)

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When “Local” Is Really Long-Distance

Consider this scenario: A company far away from your town chooses a name for its business that is very similar to the name used by a local locksmith. 

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